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Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report (October 2015 - September 2016)

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From the Desk of the Director:

COMPASS is known as the source of regional data for Ada and Canyon Counties  from demographics, to anything that can be mapped, to outputs from COMPASS’ computer models. Therefore, it seems only fitting that our FY2016 annual report describes the year “by the numbers.”

In addition to the accomplishments highlighted “by the numbers,” I’d like to elaborate on a few of our FY2016 accomplishments.

We began the fiscal year with updates to our governance documents. The updates included many “behind the scenes” changes, but perhaps the most visible came performance measure framework workgroupto our Board of Directors and committee/workgroup structures. The changes have helped COMPASS be more efficient in our use of Board and member agency staff time, while allowing us to respond quickly to changing member agency needs. 

In the vein of responding to member agency needs, Kathy Parker, our new Principal Planner, is focused on resource development – assisting member agencies with project development and securing and managing funding. Kathy started in March and immediately began work on federal TIGER and FASTLANE grant applications with the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) for improvements on Interstate 84 in Canyon County. In addition, Ms. Parker manages COMPASS’ Communities in Motion Implementation Grant and Project Development Programs.

As funding continues to be scarce, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our federal funding processes to ensure no funding is left on the table. To that end, we:

  • Established a March 1 deadline for COMPASS member agencies to have federally funded projects “obligated” to help ensure projects in the COMPASS planning area remain on schedule and receive the full amount of funding they were budgeted.
CIM componentsFunding wasn’t our only focus in FY2016. We continued work to update Communities in Motion 2040 (CIM 2040 2.0), focusing on four components of our transportation system: bicycle and pedestrian, public transportation, freight, and roadways. We made great strides in creating an inventory of existing and planned bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. This, in turn, will be used to identify gaps in the bicycle and pedestrian network to help establish regional priorities and create a more comprehensive, useable active transportation system across the valley.

In the realm of public transportation, we conducted a ridership survey on ValleyRide buses. The data collected tell us where riders are getting on and off, which can be used for planning and project prioritization. We also worked with our Public Transportation Workgroup to develop long-range priorities for future high capacity public transportation corridors. These priorities are based on cities' and counties’ planned future (2040) growth. As part of our increased emphasis on freight in CIM 2040 2.0, we examined regional freight corridors and recommended critical urban freight corridors for inclusion in ITD’s Statewide Freight Strategic Plan.

One of our larger planning initiatives this year has been development of a performance measure framework to quantify and compare the values of different transportation investments. The end product, expected to be complete in December 2016, will be used to help prioritize projects for Communities in Motion and the TIP.Lagerway

Shifting gears to more “visible” accomplishments, COMPASS continued its efforts to reduce bicycle and pedestrian crashes by hosting sessions on bicycle and pedestrian safety and planning as part of the 2016 COMPASS education series and by again sponsoring the Boise Police Department’s “Look! Save a Life!” television campaign.

Finally, what’s an annual report without a little bragging? COMPASS was honored to receive three awards in FY2016 – two statewide awards for work on developing and implementing Communities in Motion 2040 and a third as a May in Motion Platinum Level Alternative Transportation Champion. We consistently strive for excellence and are proud to see our efforts recognized.

I invite you to review the “by the numbers” snapshot of our year (PDF) or watch the video, then follow the links for additional information and to stay updated throughout the year.

- Matt


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Infographic demonstrating the fiscal year accomplishments by the numbers