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“Dreaming is good but implementation is success”

—Paballo Seipei

Communities in Motion 2040 2.0 addresses eight planning elements through 17 goals established by the COMPASS Board of Directors. While these goals set a destination for where we want to be, dreaming won’t get us there. Tangible actions are needed to truly make progress.

To that end, COMPASS is using a performance-based planning approach to decision-making, and has established implementation policies and programs to guide and assist COMPASS and member agencies in reaching key regional goals.

Implementation Policies

Regional policy statements help guide the implementation of Communities in Motion 2040 2.0:

  • use federal funds to maintain the existing transportation system and to strategically address regional priorities as identified in the regional long-range transportation plan;
  • coordinate local plans for land use and transportation investments to implement the CIM 2040 Vision and goals;
  • promote the appropriate design of transportation facilities for the needs of all users as outlined in the COMPASS Complete Streets policy;
  • employ a grant program to assist agencies in finding innovative ways to implement CIM 2040 2.0;
  • educate and actively engage the public and stakeholders on best practices for implementing CIM 2040 2.0;
  • monitor, track, and report development activity and changes to comprehensive plans and other related documents; and
  • consider the CIM 2040 2.0 goals and vision when developing projects and tasks for the annual COMPASS Unified Planning Work Program.

Implementation Programs

The COMPASS Resource Development Program assists member agencies in funding projects that implement Communities in Motion 2040 2.0.

  • Communities in Motion Implementation Grants
    Provide direct support for locally important projects that support Communities in Motion goals.
  • Project Development Program
    Assists COMPASS member agencies in securing funding for projects that implement Communities in Motion by transforming ideas into well-defined projects with cost estimates, purpose and need statements, environmental scans, and public involvement plans.
  • Resource Development Plan
    Guides efforts to increase the amount of outside resources being invested in the Treasure Valley to implement Communities in Motion.

resource development program flow chart

The adoption of Communities in Motion 2040 2.0 is not the destination; it is the start of the journey. The policies and programs here are just a few of the ways COMPASS is working toward reaching plan goals.