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Did you know???

In Ada and Canyon Counties, 45,826 motor vehicle crashes occurred between 2012 and 2016. Over 4,400 of those resulted in injuries, with 202 fatalities.

Of those crashes…

  • 30% were due to aggressive driving
  • 19% were due to distracted driving
  • 40% occurred at intersections
  • 24% involved young drivers, ages 15 – 19
  • 2% involved bicycles, accounting for 3% of fatalities
  • 1% involved pedestrians, accounting for 12% of fatalities
  • 2% involved motorcycles, yet accounted for 17% of fatalities


Those are sobering statistics that COMPASS is working to change.

As a planning organization, COMPASS’ primary “tool” to improve transportation safety is to ensure that safety benefits are a key consideration when selecting projects for federal funding through the Regional Transportation Improvement Program, or “TIP.” The TIP also includes an analysis of how each safety-related project is expected to decrease fatalities and serious injuries. COMPASS also promotes safety through educational events, outreach, and sharing data.


How do we know if we are making a difference? The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has adopted statewide targets for reductions in transportation-related fatalities and serious injuries. COMPASS is working with ITD to support these statewide targets. Measuring progress – or lack of progress – toward these targets will inform future decisions on addressing safety issues.

What else is being done to ensure the safety of our transportation system?