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Working Together to Plan for the Future

The Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS) is a forum for regional collaboration that helps maintain a healthy and economically vibrant region, offering people choices in how and where they live, work, play, and travel. COMPASS serves as the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for Ada and Canyon Counties, Idaho.




Highway Trust Fund Ticker

In July, 2015, General Fund transfers to the Highway Account and Mass Transit Account of the Highway Trust Fund were authorized . These transfers will help maintain Highway Trust Fund solvency through the third quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2016.

However, it is important to note that many programs funded through the Highway Trust Fund are only authorized through October 29, 2015. Although sufficient balances exist in the Highway Trust Fund to maintain solvency through the third quarter of FY 2016, an October 29th lapse in authorization prevents new obligations in Highway and Transit programs and impacts reimbursements to States.