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"What is COMPASS?"

2017 COMPASS Education Series

"The Future of Transportation Technology: What to Expect" by Paul Lewis, Vice President, Policy and Finance, Eno Center for Transportation (September 2017)

"Trails, Paths, and Dollars - Oh My!" by Liz Thorstensen, Vice President, Trail Development, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (May 2017)

2016 COMPASS Education Series

"How Innovation, Technology, and Consumer Preferences are Transforming Public Transit" by James Corless, Director, Transportation for America (September 2016)

"Local Option Sales Tax: Creating Cities Where People Want to Live" by Mayor Mick Cornett, Oklahoma City (February 2016)

2015 COMPASS Education Series

"Better Transportation for Better Communities" by Todd Litman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute ( February 2015)

"Roadway Safety: Worthy of Investment" by Brian Chandler, Leidos (February 2015)

"How Does Transportation Funding Work, Anyway?" by Frank Tooke, Federal Highway Administration - Idaho Division (March 2015)

"Idaho's Long and Winding Road to Transportation Funding" by Senator Bert Brackett and Representative Joe Palmer (May 2015)

"Funding Transportation into the Future: Oregon Launches a User Fee Designed to Replace the Gas Tax" by Maureen Bock, Oregon Department of Transportation and Colleen Gants, PRR (September 2015)

2014 COMPASS Education Series

2013 COMPASS Education Series

Communities in Motion 2040 Scenario Planning Workshops (2012)

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