Performance Dashboard

Performance Dashboard

What is the COMPASS Performance Dashboard?

The COMPASS Performance Dashboard allows COMPASS members, stakeholders, and you to check on the region’s progress toward Communities in Motion goals. Inside the Performance Dashboard, you can access data, maps, trends, and more. This data can be used for a variety of purposes - to become more familiar with your neighborhood or city, assist in grant applications or news stories, and allow for more community input towards decision-making. Over time, more data will be added to provide an even better picture of regional trends, so check it out now, then bookmark it and keep coming back.

Need help? The basic instructions below will help get you started navigating the Performance Dashboard. To see more in-depth instructions, use the Performance Dashboard tutorial document to learn how to create a custom map, add layers onto an existing map, create and save a data table, and more. For specific questions, one-on-one help, or to request a training, contact Eric Adolfson, (208) 475-2246.

Get started in the COMPASS Performance Dashboard


Performance Dashboard instructions (basic instructions) (PDF)

Performance Dashboard tutorial (in-depth instructions) (PDF)

Performance Dashboard FAQs