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Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


CommunityViz® is a software tool used for scenario planning and other types of planning applications. It works as an extension (add-on) to Esri’s ArcGIS® geographic information systems (GIS) software and combines computerized maps and graphics with analysis capabilities to allow users to sketch future scenarios for a specific geographic area and view what impacts they will have on economic development, transportation, housing, agriculture, and other topics of interest.

COMPASS acquired CommunityViz software in 2012 during its update to the Communities in Motion 2040 regional long-range transportation plan to assist in developing the Communities in Motion 2040 Vision. CommunityViz has also been used by COMPASS for environmental suitability analysis and examining the potential buildout of local land use plans.

COMPASS is a licensed user of the CommunityViz software and can conduct custom CommunityViz analysis upon request.

For more information on CommunityViz applications and how COMPASS can assist you, click here or call (208) 475-2239.